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  • Legal Internship

    Legal Internship for Law Graduates and under graduates

    We are in the field of assisting stressed MSME units in rejuvenating themselves with various tools, which includes amongst other things debt restructuring, assistance in one time settlement issues, Legal Assistance, Fund raising, Mergers, Acquisition, JV etc. We have a strong legal division with many professionals associated with them.

    BankDRT offers internship to Law under graduates as well as to Law Graduates.

    The general terms and conditions for Legal Internship

    1. Legal Interns can choose place of their internship either at our Delhi Office or at our Bangalore Office.

    2. Legal Internship is generally given to undergraduate students of 5th or 6th sem (3 –year law course) or 8th sem and above (5 year Law course).

    3. Undergraduate Legal Interns can seek short term legal internship (30 to 60 days).

    4. Graduate Legal Interns can take long term internship (180 days)

    5. Legal Internship in BankDRT is a very serious affair. BankDRT invests lot of time, money and energy on the Legal Interns and mentors them seriously in the filed of Banking Law, more particularly, debt recovery and associated Laws. Therefore Legal Interns should not apply and/or accept offers of Legal Internship if they are not serious about their physical and mental stamina to work in this rigorous filed.

    6. We have two posts of short term Legal Interns each at our Delhi and Bangalore office.

    7. We have two posts of long term Legal interns, each at our Delhi and Bangalore office.

    8. Interested Legal Interns are requested to go through the web site of the firm and take a conscious decision whether to apply for the internship or not.

    9. As a thumb rule, generally short term legal interns are not entitled for any stipend.

    10. Long term legal interns are allowed stipend upto Rs. 10,000/- pm

    11. Legal interns who perform exceptionally well, whether they are short term legal interns or long term legal interns, are given cash rewards.

    12. On successful completion of internship, Legal interns will be given internship cum work experience Certificate.

    Interested legal intern should apply with full resume, pass-port size photograph, copies of past internship Certificate to